Sleeping Giants

"Arise, shine!" —Isaiah 60:1

Years ago, a British evangelist by the name of Leonard Ravenhill published several books on the subjects of prayer and revival. I purchased and read most of those books. In one of them, Ravenhill told this story…

Napoleon once pointed to a map of China and said, “There lies a sleeping giant.  If it ever wakes up, it will be unstoppable.”  Today, Napoleon’s prophecy of almost 200 years ago makes a lot sense...

Ravenhill then wrote: Today [Satan] is looking at the church of Jesus the way Napoleon looked at China... You can almost see the fear in his eyes as he thinks about the church’s unlimited potential and says to the minions in hell, “The church is a sleeping giant.  Let it sleep, because if the church ever wakes up and realizes it’s destiny, we are doomed!  The church will decimate hell and transform heaven.  The church will be unstoppable.”

“The church is a sleeping giant.  Let it sleep, because if the church ever wakes will be unstoppable.”

I believe Satan is saying the same thing about a2 Church! He's saying the same thing about some of you.

He’s pointing some of you out and saying, “That one… right there!  He’s a sleeping giant!  She’s a sleeping giant!

If she ever wakes up…

If he ever realizes who he is in Christ…

If she ever decides to take authority over the hell I’ve unleashed in her relational world…

If he ever decides he doesn’t have to live with diabetes or high blood pressure…

If they ever decide that their marriage can change…

If they determine they’re going to pursue the mission Jesus has for them…

"That person is a sleeping giant... Let them sleep, because if they ever wake up, we are toast! Things are going to change!

Do you want to know God's heart for you? Do you want a glimpse God's agenda for Jesus' church? 

Isaiah 60:1 nails it: "Arise, shine!"  

Wake up! Get up! Get out of bed!

It's time for your life to change!

It's time for you to change! 

it's time for your marriage to change!

it's time for your family to change!

It's time for your church to change!

"It's time for sleeping giants to arise and change the world!"

When our youngest daughter was small — from the time she was a baby throughout most of elementary school, she was an early riser! At 6 am she was up with a full head of steam ready to take on the day! 

Something amazing happened when she became a teenager. She started sleeping late — and later, and even later... There were some mornings when either myself or her mother would actually have to go into her bedroom, lift the shades, turn on the lights, and say something like, "Wake up, sleepy head!" 

Sometimes I'm just like that with God! You probably are, too! There's a world of opportunity outside our bedroom! This day is jammed with loads of potential, promise and purpose! God has given us all some incredibly important gifts and assignments, but we just keep sleep walking through life!

God's message to a sleeping church and sleeping people is, "Wake up, sleepy head! It's time for you to change the world!"

"Wake up, sleepy head! It's time for you to change the world!"

“Awake, O sleeper,
    rise up from the dead,
    and Christ will give you light.”
Ephesians 5:14