The King Is Coming


The KING is coming!  Jesus Christ HAS come and WILL come AGAIN

This is the HOPE of the church and the expectation and desire of God’s people…

Of the 260 chapters in the New Testament, 216 chapters reference the idea that Jesus will come again! In fact, the idea that Jesus is coming again shows up 318 times in the New Testament, or in 1 out of every 30 verses! 

Twenty-three out of the twenty-seven books in the New Testament refer to Jesus’ Second Coming.  Only 4 of the 27 books in the New Testament don’t mention Christ’s return.  

For every single prophecy in the Bible concerning Jesus’ first coming, there are eight prophecies that look forward to Jesus’ Second Coming! 

The thought of Jesus’ return so galvanized the thinking of believers in the early church that the first and second century believers had an expression that they greeted one another with.  It was summed up in one word:  Maranatha! – a Syriac expression that means “…the Lord comes…”

According to ancient historians, when believers in the first and second century gathered together or parted company, they were so galvanized by the thought of Jesus’ return that instead of saying “Hello!” or “Goodbye”, they said, “Maranatha! The Lord Comes!”

This is the basis of our HOPE, especially in the jacked-up world we live in.

Because of Jesus, regardless of the pain and brokenness in this world, HOPE IS POSSIBLE.

I love this prophecy from the book of Hosea:

GOD: “I will…transform the Valley of Trouble into a gateway of hope…” —Hosea 2:15


In the first GARDEN, God basically told Adam and Eve, “Obey ME about the tree, and you will live.”  They were in a sinless, painless, bright and beautiful garden. The promise was, “Obey Me and you’ll live…” But they disobeyed, and their disobedience brought DEATH and BROKENNESS on a cosmic scale into our world. 

In the GARDEN of GETHSEMANE, God basically told Jesus, ‘the second Adam’, "Obey ME about this tree — the CROSS, and You will die. You’ll be crushed. You will be crucified."  Jesus was in a dark and ominous GARDEN, and the promise was, “Obey ME and you will DIE, but they will LIVE!”

The temptation was so intense that Jesus prayed until His sweat became mingled with drops of blood.  But Jesus was relentless.  He obeyed!  He prayed, “Not My will but Your will be done.”

He climbed the “tree of DEATH” for Him, and it became a “tree of LIFE” for us!

Adam and Eve’s act of disobedience and defiance brought DEATH and BROKENNESS. But Jesus’ act of obedience and surrender brought LIFE, HEALIING, SALVATION, FREEDOM and DELIVERANCE!

The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work. —1 John 3:8b NIV

Satan did everything possible throughout Jesus’ life to destroy Him… he couldn’t do it!

Jesus was born… Satan couldn’t stop it!

Jesus is coming again… Satan can’t stop it!


Satan tried to kill him as a child…

He tempted Him in the wilderness…

He tried to scare and overwhelm Him in the garden…

He tried to kill him on the cross…

He tried to keep him in the grave…

But he couldn’t!

Jesus rejected Satan’s lies in the wilderness!

He overcame temptation, fear and anxiety in the garden!

Jesus came out of the grave!

He ascended to the Father…

He sent back the Holy Spirit…

He lives to pray and make intercession for His people,