Make It Count


According to Google Chrome's "Death Clock" feature, I have 8,746 days, 17 hours, 52 minutes and 10 seconds — 9, 8, 7, 6...left to LIVE.

Based on life-expectancy rates, the Google Chrome "Death Clock" provides, in their words, "a gentle reminder that life is fleeting and you need to MAKE IT COUNT."

It doesn't feel so "gentle" to me! It feels sort of like a sledge hammer... Because based on their numbers, I've only got somewhere around 23 years left!

The older I get, the more BIRTHDAYS become a reminder of my mortality — of the fact that "life really is fleeting." Time really does fly. I really do have to MAKE EVERY DAY COUNT! I've only got so many left... According to Google Chrome, I've got a lot less left than I care to think about...

Of course, James 4:13-17 reminds us that we're NOT God, and when it comes to ACTUAL life expectancy, only GOD knows that...


But this is a question that wise people regularly ask: "What will I do with the life I've been given? How will I make it count? Whether it's 8,746 days, 10,000 days or 2? How will I make the time God has given me count for something that actually matters?" (See Psalm 90:12)

The writer of Psalm 119:175 gives us a great way to MAKE LIFE COUNT... Whoever wrote this psalm throws up this prayer to God:

"Let me LIVE that I may PRAISE you..." —Ps 119:175 NIV

Read that again... Read it slowly… Take it in...

"Let me LIVE that I may PRAISE you..." —Ps 119:175 NIV

How can I make my life count? How can you make your life count?

Every one of us can take THIS DAYTHIS SINGLE DAY — and turn it into sincere, authentic, passionate WORSHIP to God.

For instance, we can worship with THIS DAY by beginning it with SURRENDER. Why not start this day surrendering your attitudes, actions, words, conversations, character and behavior to God? (See Romans 12:1-2)

I can worship God with THIS DAY by "loving my wife the way Jesus loves His church" (See Ephesians 5). If you're married, you can worship God by the way you love your spouse!

We can worship with THIS DAY by loving, leading, encouraging and inspiring the kids God has given us.

We can worship God with THIS DAY by loving, encouraging, inspiring and being gentle and kind with the people God brings into our lives. (Ephesians 4:2-3)

We can worship God with THIS DAY by doing our jobs in a way that honors God and inspires our co-workers.

By resisting complaining and critical attitudes that are so prevalent in our world, and instead, cultivating an attitude of gratitude, thankfulness and generosity.


We can worship with THIS DAY by remembering that THIS DAY is a GIFT — it's a GIFT of GRACE from a Father who loves us more than we can imagine... And even if this "gift" brings with it pain or loss, somehow God will ultimately redeem that pain and loss for His great glory and our ultimate good.

We can worship God with THIS DAY by remembering that whatever this day brings, "It's all about Jesus, only about Jesus, always about Jesus."

We can worship God with THIS DAY by reminding ourselves of the amazing and extravagant love, mercy and grace of God...

I could keep going... But you get the picture...

How many days do I actually have? I don't know... Only God does...

How many days do YOU actually have? Only God knows...

But TODAY, with the one and only day I know I actually have, my prayer is that I make the prayer of Psalm 119:175 my personal prayer and the pursuit of my life: "Let me LIVE that I may PRAISE you..."

I bet that's your prayer, too.

Let's do it!

TODAY, with THE DAY God has given us, LET'S LIVE so that we MY PRAISE HIM!