About Chris



Chris is an accomplished guitarist who has sat in with the likes of The Foo Fighters, Joe Bonamassa and The Zac Brown Band. He is currently finishing up a doctorate in something he can’t even pronounce, so we won’t bother to print it. His latest book, “How My Ideas are Trendier Than Yours” will hit stores in October. This is the bio he wishes could be written about him…

Truth is, he’s a simple guy who loves Jesus + loves his family. Chris serves as the Founding and Lead Pastor of a2 Church, a non-denominational church he and his wife, Janet, planted in Birmingham, Alabama in November 2008. Chris is also a certified John Maxwell Speaker and Coach and serves a variety of Birmingham area businesses with leadership coaching and training. 

Chris is a lifelong learner and is committed to personal growth and health. He is passionate about communicating principles and practical strategies that will help people experience a life of purpose, meaning, freedom and significance.



EMAIL: cgoins@a2church.org

PHONE: 205.447.5948

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Twitter: @cgoins1127

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